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[App] Movie Delete Patch for D Series

Posted: Sun Sep 20, 2015 9:00 am
by sectroyer
Patch adds delete entry to Tools menu of Video Browser.

  • First install latest samyGOso as usual, if needed.
  • Extract attached archives and copy to /mtd_rwcommon/widgets/user/SamyGO/SamyGO/opt/privateer/usr/libso (create folder if needed)
  • Execute

    Code: Select all

    samyGOso -d -D -r -l /mtd_rwcommon/widgets/user/SamyGO/SamyGO/opt/privateer/usr/libso/
  • Autostart
    • Copy 99_93_MovieDelete.init to /mtd_rwcommon/widgets/user/SamyGO/SamyGO/etc/init.d
    • Set permissions

      Code: Select all

      chmod +x /mtd_rwcommon/widgets/user/SamyGO/SamyGO/etc/init.d/99_93_MovieDelete.init
Known issue: The deleted files do not disappear from browser, but are deleted though :D