UExxD5700 uImage

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UExxD5700 uImage

Post by saiterio »

I'm looking for kernel image to be able to unbrick my Samsung TV UE40D5700.

Here are the logs from serial console:

Code: Select all

Switch to Earphone UART

Switch to Micom UART

onboot (Jan 16 2011 - 10:33:08)
release ver : 1001
etc : 

Onboot X6 Sync mode
LCD FastLogo Run...
Loading Kernel....
load kernel start, size : 131072 + 4194304 byte
Jump Kernel....

auth success by h/w sha1 UART1 is used to UART or logic mode. 
L2 Cache Initialization Finished
L2 enabled  line size: 64 bytes write back(cache)
Linux version (kerino@sp2) (gcc version 4.3.3 (VDLinux 1.1.x MIPS 2010-02-13) ) #80 PREEMPT Fri Jan 14 20:15:13 KST 2011

LINUX started...
boot_command_line: console=tty1,115200 root=/dev/tfsr6 rootfstype=squashfs LX_MEM=0x4630000 LX_MEM2=0x63E00000,0xC200000 SELP_ENABLE=1198282

LX_MEM  = 0x0, 0x4630000
LX_MEM2 = 0x63E00000, 0xC200000
EMAC_LEN= 0x100000
console [early0] enabled
CPU revision is: 00019555 (MIPS 34Kc)
FPU revision is: 01739300
Begin Mstar_Chip_setup
Determined physical RAM map:
 memory: 04630000 @ 00000000 (usable)
 memory: 0c200000 @ 63e00000 (usable)
Zone PFN ranges:
  DMA      0x00000000 -> 0x00001000
  Normal   0x00001000 -> 0x00020000
  HighMem  0x00020000 -> 0x00070000
Movable zone start PFN for each node
early_node_map[2] active PFN ranges
    0: 0x00000000 -> 0x00004630
    0: 0x00063e00 -> 0x00070000
Built 1 zonelists in Zone order, mobility grouping on.  Total pages: 64048
Kernel command line: console=tty1,115200 root=/dev/tfsr6 rootfstype=squashfs LX_MEM=0x4630000 LX_MEM2=0x63E00000,0xC200000 SELP_ENABLE=1198282
Primary instruction cache 32kB, VIPT, 4-way, linesize 32 bytes.
Primary data cache 32kB, 4-way, VIPT, cache aliases, linesize 32 bytes
Writing ErrCtl register=00016188
Readback ErrCtl register=00016188
PID hash table entries: 512 (order: 9, 2048 bytes)
CPU freq count = 336000000
CPU frequency 672.00 MHz
Console: colour dummy device 80x25
console handover: boot [early0] -> real [tty1]

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