Help: Firmware upgrade of UA40D6600

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Help: Firmware upgrade of UA40D6600

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Hi Community,

I'm looking for a help in upgrading my TV UA40D6600. Currently, running on GASDAAC_001013 and firmware version 001013.
I tried upgrading the firmware to 1025.0 but as soon as I start upgrading, after restart it starts upgrading and after 3% TV restarts and shows firmware upgrade failed.
Can anybody also had this problem if yes, how did you solve it.
Also, I want to know what is the significance of GASDAAC as I was trying to upgrade with GASDEUC_1025.0

Help will be much appreciated.


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Post by hamidreza4u »

I have so this problem
Anybody can help us?

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Re: Help: Firmware upgrade of UA40D6600

Post by moreins »

I also require to downgrade a unit with T-GASDAAC.
Downgrade thread viewtopic.php?f=22&t=4199 says its not supported at the moment.

WIll appreciate your help

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