New here and need some advice/help LT24D390S

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New here and need some advice/help LT24D390S

Post by Mixxi »

Hi there, I am new here and I have searched high and low but did use some of the advice on here to get me started

I managed to pull my current firmware version from the maintenance mode on my TV which is

T-NT14MDEUS-1001 but above that in the maintenance info window was T-NT14MMDEUC-1003.1
the reason I suspect that the first number is the current FW is because I saw 1001 in the update page in the standard menu

now, for the TV that I is an LT24D390S

I just have no clue as to where to start, and I'm quite computer literate too

any and all help is really appreciated

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Re: New here and need some advice/help LT24D390S

Post by lukas1001 »

Hi I have Tv LT27D390S
I think is the same soft T-NT14MMDEUC-1003.1 yours is just smaller 24inch.
I start play fist of on you can go to service menu put off Tv and press button info, menu,mute an TV off.
First off all you are shud be make clone settings to usb. This function is this menu.
I found this function later and I disable function Broadcasting in menu.
I looking for unlock function recording tv in guide to usb.
What is your localization mebi we can compare firmame and found different and unblock regions. I download from samsung T-NT14MMDEUC 1001.1
but in Tv i have T-NT14MMDEUC-1003.1
Can you make picture service menu and clone TV to USB (and send me in PM)-----that should be help me put on function broadcasting.
Thanks Lukas from UK

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