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Samsung LED Smart TV UN32D5500 ON-OFF issue

Posted: Fri Jan 29, 2016 1:58 am
by cibnet
Hello, i?m having this very well know issue: you plug the tv, tv turns on, samsung logo comes up, then tv turns off by itself and then turns on again and back to the on -off loop. I checked the power supply board, dont see any buldge capacitor as is mentioned in some forums. I also measured some voltages +5v and +12v from the conector to the main board, and those voltages change on and off following the loop mentioned. if the power supply is disconected from the main board, these +5v and +12v are steady even with the backlight conected in which case the screens turns on , but as soon i connect the cable to the main board, the voltages go up and down again. I found the service manual here : ... pdf#scribd
if someone has any idea please help,

Re: Samsung LED Smart TV UN32D5500 ON-OFF issue

Posted: Sat Jan 30, 2016 3:54 am
by cibnet
i found a place saying that the eprom in the main board needs to be changed, this is the link: ... 5500-_JM#D[S:VIP,L:SELLER_ITEMS,V:1]

to me is the closest fix

Re: Samsung LED Smart TV UN32D5500 ON-OFF issue

Posted: Mon Feb 01, 2016 9:08 pm
by mdb110

I also have this or similar with a 32D5520, 5 years old. It shows the Samsung logo and you actually get picture and sound
but no on-screen overlay at all. I read that the watchdog trips if the software can't boot after a time (in my
case 5 seconds) the power will cycle.

There are no blown capacitors but I checked the PSU board was fine by doing a swap.

I tried connecting SDA to GND on both the EEPROM for the Sub-Micom and the main processor (IC901/IC1203) after reading
up on these forums in the hope that the EEPROM would be reprogrammed or it would boot up some defaults but no joy :-(

Looks like new mainboard because my soldering is not that good! Disappointed because it was a good TV.

Its now in storage waiting for a cheap mainboard to come up but if anybody has any suggestions it would be



Re: Samsung LED Smart TV UN32D5500 ON-OFF issue

Posted: Mon Feb 01, 2016 10:54 pm
by juusso
If tv boot stops on samsung logo and goes to reboot this usuly means firmware upgrade failure and internal partitions damage. Eeprom reset in this case wont help. Only mainboard replacement helps.

Re: Samsung LED Smart TV UN32D5500 ON-OFF issue

Posted: Tue Nov 15, 2016 12:15 am
by cibnet
following my issue:
My TV was repaired by changing the main board, it was working for 10 months and now the problem is similar but not equal.
problem one year ago was i turned on with my Remote C, it would show the samsung logo for a few seconds, then shut down and turn on by itself and stayed doing that.
Now it shutdown and restart every 2 or 3 minutes en the middle of being functioning and keep doing that

please any ideas ?

Re: Samsung LED Smart TV UN32D5500 ON-OFF issue

Posted: Sat Dec 17, 2016 7:55 pm
by Nickstvrepair

If your TV uses main board BN96-21113A or BN96-21111A then IC1301 is your issue. It is more than likely a physical issue with the chip. If you freeze the chip with an upside down can of compressed air, it should allow your TV to work temporarily. This will confirm that indeed you have a bad IC.
When you have that type of NAND chip on a samsung board and your problem is a cycling issue, it doesn't matter if the cycling happens every 5 seconds on the dot or every 15 minutes on the dot, it will be the same issue just a slightly different variation of the same failure on the same chip.
If the cycling varies in time, then you may have a different issue.

Re: Samsung LED Smart TV UN32D5500 ON-OFF issue

Posted: Tue Nov 21, 2017 12:43 am
by Macarenita88
HI guys,

I wanna share with you my story of shock, frustration, hope, success and despair.

I have a Samsung TV model UN32D5500RG from 2012. It worked just fine till one day it got an update and it started turning on by itself, displaying Samsung Smart TV logo, staying on for about 20 secs (showing AV entry but not responding to any command from the RC), then off for about 3 seconds and then again back on, once and again...

I tried all the codes I could find online (INFO+MENU+MUTE+POWER, MUTE+1+8+2+POWER, 2+5+8+EXIT and holding Exit key for 30 secs. Nothing worked.

When I was about to give up, in my desperation I pressed all the buttons from my RC together et voila... it worked! Thinking the problem was solved, I turned it off only to have it go back into this endless loop again. Anyway, It helped me to find out there was nothing wrong with the hardware.
I googled even more and I found a guy who pressed simulaneously INFO+MENU+MUTE+POWER and followed by in sequential mode MUTE+1+8+2+POWER.
BINGO! I got the famous Samsung Menu and then I did a factory reset. It was the end of the nigthmare for a couple of months... until last weekend.

One more time, I got one of those hideous serial killer automatic firmware updates. I was naif (STUPID) enough not to prevent the TV from connecting to the internet, but Netflix has new TV series, so whatever... Again the same loop.

I was all calmed down and I tried the codes that saved me the last time... NOTHING. I held EXIT key for about 30 secs and I could go back into watching TV normally. However, when I turned it on it went back to the endless loop.

I´ve been trying ever since to enter the codes but got no results at all. Tired (and with sore fingers) I decided to take matters into my own hands and try a hard reset as explained by this German guy: ... DzOSdfA41s

I joined RESET and SDA holes from the EEPROM with a paper clip, turned TV on, left it for 20/25 seconds and took it off. Nothing, or even worse... The TV kept turning on and off, however now it does NOT display the AV sign at all. It just shows the Samsung Smart TV logo screen, then a fully black screen and then off. Once and again.

I read here ... PROM_Reset that joining SDA to GND might do the trick. But it didn´t :(

Last but not least, I discovered that if I join RESET to WP (they are one next to the other- see pic), I get a "static white noise" screen, but equally unresponsive.

A friend of mine works in Samsung and he told me it´s not worth it to take it to the service. They´ll deem the mainboard as broken and charge me for a new one. I´ve read cases where even with a new mainboard after a few months they faced the same issue.

It is crystal clear this done on purpose by Samsung to force us buy new TVs (which I prolly will, but of course NOT Samsung).

Could anybody please help me? By now this is a personal challenge to me which goes beyond not being able to spend a few big bucks on a TV right now.


Re: Samsung LED Smart TV UN32D5500 ON-OFF issue

Posted: Tue Nov 21, 2017 9:14 am
by juusso
Quite interesting story with expected end. When you told the last bootloop occured AFTER online firmware "upgrade", the end of this story became clear to me without need to read further.

I just can say, friend of yours is right. Online update failed and your tv bricked without chance to repair at home. Some vital partitions were brocken so that without re-balling the main tv's storage - emmc/oneNAND with properly flashed firmware on it, chance to repair in other ways are equal to zero. I can't remmember any single tv brick with such anamnesis, to have happy end. Always the same-after all possible known methods of resuscitation, mainboard replacing by warranty or by expenses of owner himself was the logic final.

Re: Samsung LED Smart TV UN32D5500 ON-OFF issue

Posted: Thu Sep 05, 2019 9:27 pm
by Andrei
Hi, this is what worked for me.

Power cable out. Taken the board out. The ones with hdmi ports in case no techies read this.
Put in larhe zip lock bag with some silica gel sacks to absorbe any humidity just in case. Stuck in freezer for 10 minutes (should have left it longer)
Put back on tv, still cold. No change. As i said i should have left it longer .
Unplug from mains again. Sprayed the cip with air can upside down. Liquid came out and froze cip and board. Just a bit don't go crazy.
Powered on and bingo. Works.
Pressed exit for 15 secs and reset to factory default. Then switched back on and followed the wizard. Skip the software update as i suspect this is what is causing the issue. Also disable one in menu.

Save your comments in regards to freezer fix. I know it sounds bad. I was at the point of ordering a new board.

Worked for me. If you wish to try do it at your own risk. And never connect or disconnect live cables. Disconnect from mains.
The connector opens this way

Good luck.

Re: Samsung LED Smart TV UN32D5500 ON-OFF issue

Posted: Sun Dec 15, 2019 3:34 am
by Delphir
do anyone know how to "disable" software part of this TV and let it work just with the regular HDMI inputs?
I dont need the working NAND and I`m fully happy with HDMI only... but TV gets restarted because of some internal check for software stack...