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PS51D6900 Vertical Colored Stripes

Posted: Mon Sep 04, 2017 8:07 am
by element
Hey all,

I own a PS51D6900 which has since some weeks colored vertical stripes on the screen.
First of all ... I have no guarantee anymore ;( so I'm not able to call Samsung Service

Maybe some of you have ideas to repair this...

What I have done so far ...

1) Open the TV and check the cables, reconnect all of them which I can see when removing the back ... still there
2) Ordered a new T-CON board
---- Here my problem is that if I install it the screen keeps black ... I guess the T-CON software is not fitting to main board software
---- The yellow lamp blinks once per second ... so normal operation
---- Is there a way to flash the T-CON board without seeing someting on the screen ( telnet, ex link, ...)?

Thanks in advance