Ex-link cable / TDM access code problem?

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Ex-link cable / TDM access code problem?

Post by brooksymike » Sat Oct 20, 2012 11:04 am

Hope someone can help with my new ex-link cable and my ue40d6530 tv.
Got my new ex-link cable soldered up and half working but I'm having a strange issue. I am receiving the serial stream from the TV but can't send to the TV. When I type the access code 10041004 then 81588, then 20089999, nothing happens so I originally thought there was a problem with my cable. I tested the cable via loopback and it works fine.
But then I read somewhere else that I need to type 23331003 first instead of 10041004? I then made some limited progress - after I type "23331003" the terminal loops back any further the commands via the TV as if the TX and RX pins are now connected together. At the same time the TV continues to stream data and whatever I type continues to be received back to the terminal.
If I switch the TV off and on again then the TV reverts back to not respond to anything, (until I type 23331003 again)

Any ideas? Are my codes correct. The TV is sort of responding but it's not doing what I'd expect?

Also in the stream of data I'm getting strange text. e.g. like a log of some historic typed conversation. You'll also see at the end where I typed "20089999" it was just echoed back into the terminal mixed in with the TV serial stream.
Any help much appreciated:

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?1191 = Mon Sep? 5 19:49:17 2011
Hi there deliah wildweed 159
[CSocketPorts::GetPort(181)] [1;31;42m Port Number: 39987[0m
[CSocketPorts::GetPort(181)] [1;31;42m Port Number: 47585[0m
SKYPE:OnConnStatusChange = ONLINE
ACCOUNT.samsungtv_home:1834 = 1240
## RunApp [CallThread=0x82679460] App (86) runs App(MoIP:86), nRunData(0x1), nRunOption(0x20000) ##
CONTACTGROUP.2059:1926 = 2
CONTACTGROUP.2059:1183 = 1
CONTACTGROUP.1017:1926 = 1
## StopApp [CallThread=0x82679460] App (86) stops App(MoIP:86), nStopData(0x0), nStopOption(0x0) ##
####### Header = 12, 0

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Re: Ex-link cable / TDM access code problem?

Post by juusso » Mon Oct 22, 2012 5:29 am

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