Connecting PC through HDMI --> No Signal - XBOX Works. EDID Missing?

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Connecting PC through HDMI --> No Signal - XBOX Works. EDID Missing?

Post by syphon » Thu Mar 17, 2016 12:33 pm

Hi everybody,

this is my first post in this forum, I hope anyone could help me.

After changing some capatitors on my UE32D4003 LED TV due to continuos reboots , I reconnected through HDMI ports XBOX 360 and HTPC to verify everything was working fine.

My htpc worked well for about 2 hours till I decided to reboot it, from that moment the tv displayed ALWAYS NO SIGNAL on BOTH HDMI ports.

Here the tests I did to troubleshoot this problems that's driving me crazy (Keep in mind the XBOX 360 works!):

1 - Changed HDMI cable ---> No Signal

2 - Switched HDMI ports ---> No Signal

3 - Connected Several Pcs via HDMI (the only digital ports tv have)--> No Signal

4 - Tried HTPC on other TV --> Working

5 - Tried HDMI Cable on other Tvs --> working

So after hours and hours of digging in the web I think maybe i get my EDID Corrupted or MISSING.

Any clue about this problem that affects only PCs and not the XBOX?

Is it possible to rewrite EDID on this TV model?

Thank you for any help in my investigation.

P.s. For the record after changing capacitors I had no more reboots. :D


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