PS51D550 firmware (downgrade) question

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PS51D550 firmware (downgrade) question

Post by gurabli » Tue Mar 22, 2016 12:47 pm


I just got an PS51D550 and actually I like it a lot. The only problem I have is that the installed firmware version is 001026, and because of this the picture is quite dark. I was reading a lot and if I'm correct, the 1019 firmware update is causing this, prior the 19 version the PQ was much better and not so dark as now.
I see that the thread ... &start=210 is locked, so I can not write there.
I wonder if it is possible to downgrade somehow to (probably) firmware version 001018, the last version before Samsung killed PQ.

It is EU model, on the back: PS51D550C1WXXH, Made in Hungary.

Please help me, I really like this TV, just sad that it is so dark (which was not the case with older firmware).

BTW, the latest firmware on Samsung's site is 1029, maybe I should try that perhaps they fixed this (doubt). Actually there are two versions, don't know what is the difference:

1) All OS, 32.25 MB, exe, T?bbnyelv?, Verzi? : 1029.0, 2013.12.11 (this has English only version too)
2) All OS, 32.06 MB, exe, ANGOL, Verzi? : T-MSV4DEUC-1011.0, 2013.03.09

Not sure if I can use 1011?

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