UE32D5700 bluish screen

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UE32D5700 bluish screen

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I have a problem with my pretty old model UE32D5700 that I recently bought for 30$, it appears that the image shows bluish whites and not totally white.

So I tried to calibrate it again through the service mode and as described here : https://wiki.samygo.tv/index.php?title=Calibration
but the image is still bluish.

I also tried to calibrate the screen with the patterns I attached to this post. It succeed but the image is still blue :(

Can you help me please ? What should I do ?
And how can I use the test pattern proposed in the service mode ?
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Re: UE32D5700 bluish screen

Post by mollikooon »

I had a similar problem, that my image had a color cast (on all input sources).
So i wrote a short guide how I solved it.

# Fixing color cast
Problem: Picture has a strong color cast for all input sources.

## Prerequisites
- Access to the service menu.

## Fix color
1. Open service menu.
2. Navigate to ADC/WB > ADC result.
3. Take a picture (or note down the current values).
4. Look for striking values (like 255 in the example) in a group.
1st_Y_GH | 0
1st_Y_GL | 0
1st_Cb_BH | 0
1st_Cb_BL | 0
1st_Cr_RH | 0
1st_Cr_RL | 0
2nd_R_L | 79
2nd_G_L | 79
2nd_B_L | 79
2nd_R_H | 255
2nd_G_H | 49
2nd_B_H | 255
5. Change these values to match the other values (in the example 255 with 49).
6. Exit service menu and check the result.

## Testet on
- Samsung UE37D5700 (T-MST5DEUC-1027.0)

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