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D5500 pendrive problem

Posted: Sun Sep 15, 2019 2:02 pm
by mykee
Dear all,

I have a big problem. I use on my TV a ChromeCast 3, and a pendrive (for recvording). My HyperX was read-only on friday, and I cannot format with TV or PC. I tried may tools (diskpart, low-level format, partition tools), but I cannot unlock this drive, Read-only always. Ok, I will change, but I put an DT R500 pendrive too, what I used with this TV on many years, and see that, but today TV cannot recognize, and when I see in PC I see 8 MB RAW partition only!

What happened with my TV, because second pendrive dead or file system is damaged? How can I repair my pendrives, and what's problem with my TV? Need an upgrade? Or maybe get a virus? I use Samy go for FTP too, but if upgrade firmware will working record or not?