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UE40D5500 keep restarting

Posted: Fri Apr 17, 2020 1:54 am
by hska
Hello, I'm new here. I'm studying everything yet. I obtain this TV (and I don't know the history of it).
When it's connected to power source, it automaticaly turn on (you see logo and a few seconds it's functioning normaly) and after a while it restarts and so on, and so on.. Time of "normal functioning" is only about 10 seconds long.
I manage to go to service menu and turn off the watchdog timer and changed UART to diag mode finally (you must be very fast).
The TV still keeps restarting, but if I'm not wrong, now (with ex-link cable) I could see, what is happenning.
I doesn't know the history of TV, I only know, that it was "basic user" (so very lilkely no playing with service menu, and probably no firmware upgrade too). My gues is, that internal memory with firmware is corrupted and needs to upload data again.

So, there is my question: If I invest time (and/or money) to data cable making or buying, and if my assumption will show as correct, will there be the original data to firmware restoration for this TV model accessible? If so, please, can you route me? I discover only one non-functional link, meanwhile.
I managed to take photo of the first service page with firmware version and other details of TV - you can check the attachment.

Thank for your advice or time!
John, Czech Republic.

Re: UE40D5500 keep restarting

Posted: Fri Apr 24, 2020 10:36 am
by hska
Please, can you help anyhow? I would appreciate it a lot.


Re: UE40D5500 keep restarting

Posted: Fri Dec 25, 2020 4:42 pm
by mircomat

warning: I am not an expert! But I had the same problem recently and spent some time searching for solutions. First thing to so is disconnect everything except the power and antenna cable. If it works then, start connecting one device after the other, slowly, giving the TV some time to start booting again. In my case it was the external harddrive.

If that doesn't work for you, the next step is to go into to menu and reset the TV. And then, if that doesn't help, open up the TV and find the connectors for resetting the mainboard. Please search the internet for how to do that, it depends on the model that you have.