T-Con board, UE32D5520

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T-Con board, UE32D5520

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Hi all,

I'm a noob and this is my first post. If this isn't in the correct area, could someone point me in the right direction please.

I have some technical electrical training and experience but not to the level of a lot of the posts I've read. No real experience of TVs.

From research, it appears I have a problem with my T-con board (correct me if I'm wrong). Ghosting appearing on the screen (both left and right sides). It started after what appeared to look like lightning happening across the screen. I was playing a sim racing game and I thought the weather was changing to heavy rain with lightning happening. (Possibly capacitors dying?) The board looks intact.

I've done a complete factory reset and then also updated the firmware via USB to the latest version - SWU_T-MST5DEUC_001027_I01_ES000_150421

I stupidly bought a wrong replacement version of the T-con board (idiotic mistake!). I realised when I fitted it as it gave me a blank screen. I had managed (with a blank screen to go through the procedure to update the firmware again, unaware if it would do anything to this board too. (As you're all probably laughing by now, obviously it didn't work! As I say, this isn't my field).

What I was wanting to know, is which ICs dictate the version of the BN41-01678A board for the different versions of the TV's?
Am I able to just change the IC(s) that are on the original board onto the replacement board so it gives me the correct version?
Or... is there a way I can program the replacement board to give me the correct information for my TV? (If so, how?)

TV - UE32D5520RKXXU version 03.
Original T-con board, BN41-01678A, LSJ320HN01-S, SK98BN950 0492AHVSI (049 TWO)
Replacement T-con board, BN41-01678A, LSJ400HM02-S, SK98BN950 0493AHVSI (049 THREE).

Attached are a couple of examples of what the fault is displaying like.

I haven't been able to locate a circuit diagram with any test point voltages to check what is really going on and I don't have a 'scope available, just a DVM. I can get into the 'secret menu', but am lost with what any of the values should be so have left well alone at the moment.

If anyone is able to help and assist me, it would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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