D6500 3D Resolution NOT FULL HD

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Re: D6500 3D Resolution NOT FULL HD

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Lots and lots of people registering complaints about this now, calling it false advertising, etc. Some say they are complaining to the FTC. Also looks like the lawyers are investigating, for example, http://www.classlawsuit.com/samsung-fal ... levisions/

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Re: D6500 3D Resolution NOT FULL HD

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niceguy1234 wrote:I don't think it is matter for 55" 60" because I first purchased the UN-55D6500. 3D movies is very good before and after the firmware update I I forgot the firmware version). That panel was pretty good too without flashlight and clouding. I returned it because it was not big enough for 3D movie, and picked up the UN-60D6500. The 3D movie is also good before and after the firmware update. I think the firmware update does nothing to do with 3D effect. I am thinking the hardware inside the TV might be different between the European model and the North American model. So far I did not see any complaint from North American users. I will try to provide more information for my TV after work.

I only thing I don't like the 60" is the response time is not as quick as the 55" one. If I pay extra attention to the image, I can see trail especially for the HD cartoon programs.
I think firmware update is quite necessary for 3d effects. Hardware are important too but software can make your video more clear and better.

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