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Re: D6500 3D Resolution NOT FULL HD

Posted: Tue Sep 20, 2011 11:20 pm
by erdem_ua
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I don't want to believe this definitely!

Re: D6500 3D Resolution NOT FULL HD

Posted: Wed Sep 21, 2011 2:48 am
by erdem_ua
Don't care english, we don't care it here unless we can't understand you...

Okey, I will really wonder when samsung will cure this issue. Because if they don't, all D6 series owners could "return" their TVs under consumer rights because device is defected.

I know also Samsung managers/engineers reads here... They needed to explain the situation about why 6 series can't show full HD 3D picture.. If they not, I can ask them directly. Since they sold this TV's with "FULL HD 3D TV" motto, they needed to support full hd resolutions as they promised... Or they needed to be clearly indicate that D6 series can't show FULL HD 3D pictures but I don't read anything about it yet.

All I can say that, it's looks like artificial problem. I th?nk samsung tried to defect 3D picture quality on D6 series to sold D7&D8 with much more higher prices...
With this they try to make consumer thinks D7 TV's has better picture due panel they used... What a shame...

So lets advertise this issue everywhere and watch what Samsung makes. If consumers aware from low quality SD resolution on 3D mode at D6 series, I believe no one buy one from them but choose another brand.
I think they understand the situation importance after their shares started to drop and angry mob's comments..

Re: D6500 3D Resolution NOT FULL HD

Posted: Wed Sep 21, 2011 3:48 pm
by erdem_ua
I marked this topic as Sticky.

I test 3D feature at my D6000 (hurray Admin has D6000 !) and 3D HD looks horrible! Not useable as HD but SD...

I also send mail to some top Samsung managers about the issue. Waiting for their answers.

I believe they will fix this issue since it's serious thing. Because if they don't fix, it's leads banning on selling D6000 series TVs and Samsung has to accept of return of this TV series.
Also harms Samsung brand name due cheating customers...


Re: D6500 3D Resolution NOT FULL HD

Posted: Wed Sep 21, 2011 8:52 pm
by julianbb
Hmm, did anyone can take a shot thru one of the lens of 3d glasses at small exposure time let's say under 2 miliseconds ? (1/400hz) to see how is looking just one of the frame.
Like that you can be sure about resolution !!!

Pictures on the link above if where taken without glasses can't be a prove because you have 2 pixel in 3D instead of 1 pixel in 2D for the simple reason that 3D means different positions in space for each eye of the same pixel...
Someone with a smart camera?
(if possible not Samsung 8-) )

Re: D6500 3D Resolution NOT FULL HD

Posted: Wed Sep 21, 2011 9:39 pm
by erdem_ua
But what about the non 3D pictures like "OSD" texture detail drop?
It's same pixels for each eye. Not different pixels or depth available for other eye.
Also "menu" detail looks dropped.

Since this resolution drop not observed in D7000 series, I believe your claim is null bro.

Re: D6500 3D Resolution NOT FULL HD

Posted: Thu Sep 22, 2011 7:22 am
by julianbb
Yes , I agree with FlashErase
From the picture uploaded it's clear that 3D resolution =540p
Thats mean a hardware problem from design...
Panel cannot refresh all 1080 lines at 400 hz (anyone searched for panel type specs ? ) so samsung decided to half resolution and use interlaced to gain some time to fill buffers) or old stock scaler IC for 240hz panel... anyway Samsung screwed