Mouse And Keyboard Support Widget

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Mouse And Keyboard Support Widget

Post by Stewox »


Im interesting into taking matters into my own hands if there is nobody to provide these features essential to any actual practical use of the internet capability of this devices.

The only thing to figure out if it's possible to hack it in a way that the mouse would work everywhere regardless of the widget running, which would mean firmware hacking which is I think out of my league of skill or knowledge.

So porting the B series hacks that already exist would

And asking somebody to help as well.

But well if it's too hard ... might stop and let anyone else finish it.

The whole thing i came here was to have youtube and web browser to have keyboard support because of the horrendus TV remote control and how impractical it is for everytime use.

The only thing i need SamyGo is things:

Mouse + Keyboard support hack
Web browser with Input device support
Youtube App with Input device support

Nothing else interests me personally, so at this time the whole "frimware hacking" is pretty useless as I had high hopes but im quite disappointed. Seeing that video was the WHOLE POINT i was pumped about this, only to be plesantly surprised at the time i put into this to try to understand how the heck this whole thing works, 2 weeks surfing the forums, was it worth it ?

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Re: Mouse And Keyboard Support Widget

Post by Denny »

you mean exact D serie mouse/keyboard using ?
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Re: Mouse And Keyboard Support Widget

Post by jarod73 »

I think he mean so. I'm also interested in mouse/keyboard using in others apps than console.
Would be possible to replace the "Module" that reads imput from remote when used to enter a character??
I've also read that new sdk from samsung supports keyboard/mouse and should be compatible d/e series , now I can't find the site where the news was on.

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Re: Mouse And Keyboard Support Widget

Post by mariostratu »

I have an ue40d6530 and I want to know how to use keyboard and mouse for navigation
need to install another program or just a widget? I am a beginner and do not know where to start
I need detailed help
thanks in advance

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