UE46D5500 - ruined my screen after fw upgrade

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UE46D5500 - ruined my screen after fw upgrade

Post by Xorandor »

Hello guys.
I am totally in f**k.
I bought one month ago this Samsung TV and I was happy from the quality of the picture. Until I didn't do firmware upgrade.

I tried solve an issue with my satellite receiver (screen artifacts and bad quality of HD channels) I did do for my Samsung TV the firmware upgrade (latest version 1020.4). After the fw upgrade my TV got really horrible colors. So I tried factory reset from service menu and still the same result. Colors at TV screen are absolutely dis-calibrated. I tried downgrade to firmware v1009 with method with changed DNS server and I got the same result. After I did push again back the latest 1020.4.

Now - my big problem is with the colors and with the refresh picture if content of the screen scroll. The TV is now useless.

I played 2 days with settings of color calibrating but always if I thought that I set all rights I select different channel and colors was again bad. Brief I need from someone values from service menu.

In service menu is a sub menu with settings of ADC/WB. The values from this section I need.

Next my issue (not so important) is with flashing of the screen when the picture scroll over screen. Clock settings? Or something similar?

Please, help me.

Thanks in Advance.

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Re: UE46D5500 - ruined my screen after fw upgrade

Post by juusso »

have you repaired your TV?
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Re: UE46D5500 - ruined my screen after fw upgrade

Post by gorgon »

In the same boat with my D7000 led .
Anyone got some settings?

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