mkv audio issue

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mkv audio issue

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Dear All,

The system I am talking about here is a D series Home Theatre system (HT-D5500), and although there is a dedicated BluRay discussion forum, I think this question is going to be quicker answered by the D Series TV people as the systems are not unsimilar. I hope that someone may have an idea of why the problem I have is happening.

So as I said it is a D-Series HT system (SamyGO Patched) but it has issues with certain mkv audio.
So what happens is this:

I have an mkv file with AC3 or DTS audio and it plays fine for about 1-2 min. Then suddenly audio stops working. When I seek through the file you can hear a small blib of sound but it immediately goes mute again. Weirdly enough, my B series TV with the dca module plays the file fine and it doesn't always happen.
Does anyone have an idea what might be happening there?
Alternatively does anyone know whether the B series dca module can be recompiled to work on the D series HT system?


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