USB PVR Setup not working - unless SamyGo app is loaded

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USB PVR Setup not working - unless SamyGo app is loaded

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I've got a UE40D6750 TV for quite some time now and I put the SamyGo App on it, but I still have the stock old firmware with a lot of the IPs blocked to prevent updating and tracking etc.

The HUB it self may have updated (old apps being removed etc) and apps like youtube do update on their own from time to time, but the USB PVR setup doesn't work anymore, I haven't used the TV for watching over network and usb HDD and recording like 2 years, so I'm not sure what changed, other people just watch TV normally they don't do anything to it.

I've tested with the old USB I always used, with the new USB3.0, i tested 3 USB sticks and none of them work. The device is detected, and formatted properly but it always fails the stupid performance test, which it always passed before, and the performance test is required to pass to be PVR ready.

Thankfully SamyGo app hacks up those limitations so recording is possible, but not scheduled recording, because I have to keep the TV turned on for the SamyGo to be loaded at the time it will record. And it's weird to have the TV running all night, other's don't like it either.

Is it possible that in an update to the SamyGo app or some script that I can do to make a scheduled power-on and automatically load SamyGo app once smarthub is ready (on this model and this firmware the hub takes like 3 minutes to start from fresh boot)
Or some kind of a low-power mode where the TV is technically still on but the screen is turned off while it waits for the scheduled recording ?

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