repair method for failed flash or corrupt, and a last resort

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repair method for failed flash or corrupt, and a last resort

Post by kingbacana » Sat Mar 04, 2017 3:15 pm

Hey Guys,

Im reading a lot on the forum and I made today a account, we have to tackle this bullshit issues...

If im correctly on the mainboard av boards, there is a encrypted nand, encrypted flash, encrypted micom, then there is a eeprom.

the eeprom contains panel information and settings.

the nand and flash contains the file system linux partions, who are encrypted or readable?

in windows we have like commands chkdsk to repair corruption

After multiple reboots , like corrupted eeprom or failed flash, then the partions become corrupted, and the checksum in boot fails,
Like logo appears, and bam reboot.

How can we enforce that chkdsk for a linux partion, can we connect with uart and initiate these commands? ,

I know we can replace the nand or flash from donor boards, but will this work is other chips not keyed?

and as last resort can we use this? to can use the tvs again?
V56 Universal LCD TV Controller Driver Board PC/VGA/HDMI/USB Interface , its like a univeral av board that replace the mainboard.
it works for 10-42 inch boards, will this work?

I hope the uart ideas work, I read a lot on forums and see that normal flashing can cause this shit.. , so samsung is really bad in this, its not acceptable I think, is there not a diag secret mode that can alter the linux partiions or flash, or can somebody explain how we can do it with soldering wires to the flash chip and initizate it, I could make a electronic all in one solution for it and can sell it for a cheap price, its not a big deal, I would too know this

Help me out guys, then we help each other together we can do this!!

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