[App] PVR encryption key dumper E/F

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[App] PVR encryption key dumper E/F

Post by bugficks »

Made a PVR encryption key dumper. Should work on E and F series. For those having EVO kit it seems it has to be run on main board that is injecting .so into exeTV and not exeSBB.
Copy .tgz to device and run PVRdumpkeys.sh. If all goes fine you should have for each .srf a .key file:)

Code: Select all

VDLinux#> ./PVRdumpkeys.sh
[PVRdumpkeys] SamyGO PVR key dumper - (c) bugficks 2013
[PVRdumpkeys] start dumping keys...
[PVRdumpkeys]: Saving key for '/dtv/usb/sda/CONTENTS/20130817134012.srf' to '/dtv/usb/sda/CONTENTS/20130817134012.key'
[PVRdumpkeys]: Saving key for '/dtv/usb/sda/CONTENTS/20130817134740.srf' to '/dtv/usb/sda/CONTENTS/20130817134740.key'
[PVRdumpkeys]: Saving key for '/dtv/usb/sda/CONTENTS/20130817140559.srf' to '/dtv/usb/sda/CONTENTS/20130817140559.key'
[PVRdumpkeys]: Saving key for '/dtv/usb/sda/CONTENTS/20130820124418.srf' to '/dtv/usb/sda/CONTENTS/20130820124418.key'
[PVRdumpkeys] done...

Code: Select all

VDLinux#> hexdump /dtv/usb/sda/CONTENTS/20130820124418.key
0000000 aa0d 49f1 e12b b9e2 4d42 4b75 9ecf 189a
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Re: PVR encryption key dumper

Post by Attaca »


Can I decrypt my files with this solution? Can you write more about it, because I don't understand, or send a link about details of this method, please.
I would like play the PVR recorded files with a PC, or mobile without root, I don't find any solution. I am afraid the root, because my TV is new :)

Many thanks


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Re: PVR encryption key dumper

Post by juusso »

No go without having root.
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Re: PVR encryption key dumper

Post by danielg90 »

i have es7000, where Copy .tgz? and how run PVRdumpkeys.sh?

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Re: PVR encryption key dumper

Post by Stefan74Nrw »

I get a permission denied ?

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Re: PVR encryption key dumper

Post by zoelechat »

chmod +x :)
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