Backlight option in Media player

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Re: Backlight option in Media player

Post by andbir »

I wanted an extremely dark picture for my mediaplayer (used for music) so i defined one of the picture settings - I changed "Standard" (from the ones named Natural, Movie, Dynamic, Standard) as very dark and I only ever use this setting when I am using the TV as a music player. Since there is no animation or anything while playing music I wish I could turn off the screen altogether, but I can't. And the minimum screensaver kick-in is 2 hours... I saw somehere on the forums that you could change the samsung logo for the screensaver to any picture of your choice i suppose i could upload a completely black image but would like to have the screensaver kick in much earlier or perhaps when pressing a specific remote control button...

Anyway you could probably do the reverse of what I did (I believe you want a very bright picture in media player?)

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Re: Backlight option in Media player

Post by juusso »

If you have TV B series, you can use SamyApp. Here is energy saver function - you can off your screen - you get it very black - nothing better for listening to music :)
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Re: Backlight option in Media player

Post by jimmyjohns »

Hi Andbir,

Did you end up finding out how to change the samsung logo of the screensaver to another image of your choice?

I'm trying to do the same.


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