LT24A550 Service menu

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LT24A550 Service menu

Post by Her71 »

First of all sorry for my english
Now i gain access to full service menu and i see options like
LNA support
Network support
BD Wise Support
WS Support
All Shares Support
and much more options
I do it with an one for all remote , if this helps i can shre how to.
The only thing i changed is PVR support from off to on , but nothing changed in my set

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Re: LT24A550 Service menu

Post by adrianp03 »

Will be great if you can share how to do it. I have this monitor and want to enable wi fi support.

I tried to search for an usb serial adapter but without success. I have an old LG LCD TV which I managed to unlock with Psiloc irRemote S60from my Symbian phone. Do you think that is possible with Samsung too?


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