XL2370HD Backlight setting

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XL2370HD Backlight setting

Post by jure8479 » Sun Dec 15, 2013 5:22 pm


I have a Samsung XL2370HD connected over DVI and the "Backlight" setting is fixed at 10. This hurts my eyes when viewing anything with a bright/white background, like a text document or IDE. Adjusting the brightness and contrast unfortunately doesn't do the trick.
When I select TV or HDMI form the source list, the setting is adjustable. I tried an DVI -> HDMI adapter, without success.

So recently I got a new graphics card and when I connected it over HDMI I was able to lower the "Backlight" setting. Everything looked perfect, but soon I got another unpleasant surprise. The monitor refuses to go into standby mode (when using HDMI port), it just keeps displaying "No signal" endlessly.

Reading about the SamyGO custom firmware got my hopes up about finally being able to adjust the "Backlight" setting in DVI mode.
Is there any way to modify this fixed setting things using custom firmware?

Thanks for any help

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