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Here for general support for B series TVs, request and problem solve area.

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Re: B Series DTS bugs & support

Post by erdem_ua »

I think libdca slower than ffmpeg. But if it's works for you, okay for me too :D

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Re: B Series DTS bugs & support

Post by MaxiSamyGO »

Hi all,

I?ve already installed the firmware 2005.0
I tried DCA module, copying to the TV memory and it worked fine, but if I try run it with then pen drive inserted in USB the screen goes black.
Would you ocurres this to someone else?

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Re: B Series DTS bugs & support

Post by Johnsy »

steve-austin wrote:
deniskapu wrote:erdem_ua
Swiyching is working, but in second audio stream not sound
Try to press the red button while you play a movie, after press return on the remote.
Go back to your movie and press the blue button to resume.

The trick works for me.
This method works for me too, but seems like it is not a definitive solution.
Any news on it?
My TV model is UE46B7020 with CHU7DEUC-3000.G

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