OpenEmbbeded for B series

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OpenEmbbeded for B series

Post by sdf1 »

Hi all,

I'm an owner of a B550 model which I believe have remarkable differences in comparison with B650, where most of the apps and instructions are based on.

I'd like to build a cross-compilation toolchain in my PC. For that purpose I have installed onto my Windows7 a VirtualBox with Ubuntu 16.04.

Then I've been following the instructions available into the wiki for B series:

Nota: Sources downloaded from the GIT repository.

At the end I get the following error:

Code: Select all

ERROR: Build of /home/sdf1/oe-b-series/oe/recipes/linux-libc-header/ do_configure failed
The associated log file shows:

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NOTE: make -e MAKEFLAGS= allnoconfig ARCH=arm
Makefile:410: *** mixed implicit and normal rules: deprecated syntax
Makefile:1376: *** mixed implicit and normal rules: deprecated syntax
make: ***  No rule to make target 'allnoconfig'. Stop
Does anybody knows if the repository is corrupted or has been recently tested?

Many thanks in advance,
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Re: OpenEmbbeded for B series

Post by juusso »

IIRC i never succeed it on x64 and on latest ubuntu distros. Try on ubuntu 10.10 or similar old distro. If same happen, then just FYI: this stuff is not actively supported. If you need to compile something, you have to use compiled toolchains ( For your TV i would recommend to use arm_v5t_vfp_le.
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