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UA40B7000WRS (My head feels like frisbee!)

Posted: Sat Jan 21, 2017 9:59 pm
by Siavash

Ok here is my problem! I have a UA40B7000WRS and after all these years I decided to change its firmware to a custom one.
After constant 3 days of search I gave up. So please help me.
In first 5 lines of my Service Menu I have these:

RFS:27_2G_64_512-28 T-CHU7DEUC

Under Setting/Software Update:
Current Version 2009/10/28_002004

and also I have this option:
Alternative Software 2009/07/02_002001

So what is my TV firmware version? is there any way to patch it? Why date of current version is 2009 because I think my framework should be 2010(or not?), and what the heck is Alternative Software?

Thank you.

Re: UA40B7000WRS (My head feels like frisbee!)

Posted: Sat Jan 21, 2017 10:14 pm
by juusso
alternative firmware means firmware, which was on TV before someone ran firmware upgrade. This is regular firmware, stays on TV on hidden partitions.

Run SamyGO dump maker (be patient, sometimes it takes long!) and give files for inspection. Only then i can tell you more.

Re: UA40B7000WRS (My head feels like frisbee!)

Posted: Sun Jan 22, 2017 12:46 am
by Siavash
Thanks for reply :-)

Here is sysinfo.log (I didn't know if you need dump files or not).

Just out of curiosity, Can I downgrade firmware with "Another software(firmware)" option that I early mentioned?

Re: UA40B7000WRS (My head feels like frisbee!)

Posted: Sun Jan 22, 2017 8:05 am
by juusso
You just confirmed what i though at the beginning: your TV is some kind of hybrid. It is from UA region (Asia, middle east etc), but contains EU firmware on board (T-CHU7DEUC). I`m not sure if this firmware isn`t somehow customised, so i wouldn`t recommend you to install regular T-CHU7DEUC from EU market nor regular T-CHU7DAAC from UA market.

Why do you need to change firmware? Something is working not well? Here is no signifficant improvements in any later firmware upgrades what have been released by samsung up to moment when support for these TV`s was discontinued (latest firmware upgrades were released in spring 2010 ...). The date 2009 means only that firmware was created year before your tv was sold. Nothing else.

You can run certain "games/patches" even on your current firmware. Patched firmware gives you only autostart of apps you liked. If you want autostart, then best way is to use dump files, prepare them, patch and install via console or via regular software update menu. It depends, what do you expect from the procedure and what functionality you want.

A i said already, "Alternative software" means only regular "previous" firmware, not "super duper" firmware with hidden functionality :)

Re: UA40B7000WRS (My head feels like frisbee!)

Posted: Mon Jan 23, 2017 3:18 pm
by Siavash
Thank you for info gave me.

Story begin when i tried to mirror Kodi on my PC to TV, then found out TV without WLAN only support DLNA and not mirroring, meanwhile tried to work with Internet@TV (jus out of curiosity) and couldn't make it work because of region restrictions.
So i googled it find your website and ...,
I need screen mirroring with tv connected to network with LAN or if not possible with not samsung USB WLAN.
I need to run internet@tv but as i said before there is this restriction! So how can i change region to some country that i can use vpn and make tv think i'm there(Like US or UK).
It's very kind of you to help me out.

P.s.: i asked about Alternate Software because i wanted to know is it possible to downgrade FW if it's feb 2010 ver. and do the patching procedures :-) and now i know if is possible it not worth the risk :-(