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Re: What are the steps to enable nfs and DTS? Ways to do FFB?

Posted: Thu Feb 17, 2011 5:03 pm
by juusso
1. I update instructions for FFB and add code for service menu. it is ok, US models have different code to enter service menu.
2. Yes, here is an problem. You need to figure out how to enable copy function if it does not work.
3. You can`t copy to TV because of greyed out service menu point.

Greyed menu point is not new event for us, but i do not know how to solve this issue. It remembers me the wiki instruction where ExLink was needed to change greyed out service menu point, but if you have it alredy set to on... i do not know if it helps you.
If you try change it over exlink, you need toggle Wiselink Write on/off, might you get yellow button working. Sure, i can write game to copy to TV memory FFB or another game you need, if you do not get success. So, do not worry ;)

What is your TV like -CI or CI+ , you need to check what firmware is on board. If it is T-CHE7AUSC, then it is ok. Its CI.
I recommend you to make dumps with Samygo dump maker first, it should run from USB without copy it to TV memory. It dumps your TV partitions and collects some important info about TV.
When you finish (quite long process, up to 1.5 hour), you get some files on USB. I need only few of it for inspecting.

P.s. You could try this method using your firmware. Who knows, might you get success?

Re: What are the steps to enable nfs and DTS? Ways to do FFB?

Posted: Fri Feb 18, 2011 6:14 pm
by juusso
Can you execute DumpMaker from ContentLibraryManager/USB/Children (without copy it to TV, from usb directly?) TV freezes and does not respond a while until reboots.

Re: What are the steps to enable nfs and DTS? Ways to do FFB?

Posted: Sat Feb 19, 2011 8:52 am
by juusso
You have to copy /samygo-ffb dir to USB root and run it from ContentLibraryManager/USB/children
I understood, you copied just /DumpMaker subdir. If yes, false, you get "not available", or "not signed with UDN" error.

I do not need your dumps, i need to know - are you able to run any game or not. Try run telnet-enabler as trojan, you can copy FFB or other games to TV memory if you get telnet. Be sure you make steps as is written.
I know, you tried telnet enabler, but for your notice - here are two tel-net enablers - to run as trojan from children and to run from games. So you need jsut children version. Extract archive to usb root as is!

p.s. You have another chance - register on and download signed with your UDN game and run it from "games".