Watch TV over LAN?

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Watch TV over LAN?

Post by twisted89 »

Now they've released the Samsung smart TV app on my galaxy tab which can stream TV over the network to the tab, I was just wondering if there's any way to send the TV stream over my LAN?
I have a B650.

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Re: Watch TV over LAN?

Post by erdem_ua »

Yes, there is. Using PVR functions, we could send stream to any sources. But we needed to app for the job...

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Re: Watch TV over LAN?

Post by nbd »

Does anybody know is it enough to send the saved stream directly to a network socket, or does it need some container? I tried once streaming the saved file with vlc (while PVR+ was saving it to my computer), and it was working, but of course not very elegant method. Better if direct way is found.

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Re: Watch TV over LAN?

Post by majonezz »

It is ok to send ts (transport stream) over network, but you need to encapsulate it as RTP stream. Read more here:

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