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HI there,
Im new here and i have been doing a reading and I have a la40b550k1m tv from new zealand and i have ordered a nokia phone cable to hack up I'm about to attempt to mess with the firmware it currently has T-CHL5DAUC version 2002.0 dated 2010.10.06 which is not listed in the old and good firmware but i guess it is the same as T-CHL5DEUC except my tv is for australia/nz market.

in the service menu it says T-CHL5DEUC-2002.0, T-CHL5DEUC-1000 and T-CHL5DEUC-1005.

Is there a date cutoff or firmware version cutoff for the samygo patches and stuff as my revision number for my firmware seems to be well behind the eu market?

I remember some time ago I enabled divx playback and wiselink mode and unknowlingly updated the firmware to the one i currently have and it greyed out these options in the service menu im guessing i will now have to patch the firmware to be able to make the samygo apps work or downgrade?
of note if i go into the software menu it says i have the option to downgrade to an older firmware the one i was on before that was from 2009 would this work and save the need for firmware patching and flashing also would i be able to pull this or dump this old image out as it is not listed on the net for download any more?

As long as I enable debug mode I shuld be ok to recover in the event of a firmware flash or will it revert the service menu settings to uart?

my tv is listed here: ... -downloads

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