HELP "Weak or No Signal"!

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Re: HELP "Weak or No Signal"!

Post by juusso »

Why you rebooted tv? Hope no reboot now
i haven`t set permissions to, this is not critical, so, waiting for result.
Ok, did that. Now after reboot you should have telnet.

Edit: ok, i checked, telnet is here. I hope your other issues are gone aswell.
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Re: HELP "Weak or No Signal"!

Post by mattberlin »

Damn, this annoying problem still exists :(

So, this is what I did:
1. Complete Auto Store of dvb-s stations
2. I had to add some custom transponders in order to get all TV stations
3. edited my channel list with SamyGO-ChanEdit
4. copied it back to the TV --> everything was fine
5. I accidently deleted one station at 3. --> So, I manually rescanned a specific transponder

6. And now: same problem as earlier mentioned in this thread: the TV stations of some transponders all tell me "weak or no signal" whereby the frequency shown in "self diagnosis" vanished

At this point one has to rescan all transponders that show the problem. The funny thing is that said channels appear twice: the one that shows "weak or no signal" and the newly readded channel that works

In any case I got the impression that now the order of the transponders has changed. So, something seems to have screwed up the transponder list.

any ideas? I'd really appreciate that.
my TV: LE32B679

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