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Doubts regarding UA40B7000

Posted: Sun Oct 27, 2013 8:37 am
by sacredslayer6
Hello everyone! First of all , Thanks to the SamyGo Devs for this amazing work. I always wanted to change the subtitle colour on my tv and a few days back i searched google and found about SamyGo, If only i knew about this eariler. So i was researching about this whole day and i found out that i need an unrestricted firmware which is pre Feb 2010. My tv is UA40B7000, and few months back i upgraded the firmware to T-CHU7AEAC 2005.0 (Folder name = T-CHU7DEUC), on the samsung site the release date shows 2010.10.06 which is post Feb 2010. So my question is, if i use the Samygo Firmware Patcher on this firmare (2005.0 one) to get the features automatically, will i brick my device? or Should i download the previous version which is T-CHU7AEAC 2004.0 and then apply the patch?

I tried the subtitle app on this 2005.0 firmware, i copied it to my usb and then added to the content library of the tv, i didnt even have to enable the wiselink write on Service menu as it was already ON. The subtitle App worked flawlessly, does that mean the firmware that i have installed is unrestricted? So please do let me know what i have to do, wheather i should use FFB to revert back to 2004.0 OR apply the firmware patch on 2005.0 itself OR wheather i should get the 2004.0 and apply the patch on that.

Edit :I noticed one thing, on TV it says the 2005.0 firmware is 2009 november release. Now i am confused.
And one more doubt. Does Edimax EW 7711UAN Wireless nLITE 3dBi High Gain USB Adapter work with my tv after flashing the dongle? ( Chipset info ) . This USb adapter is listed as tested in wiki page, but the reason why am asking is , the chipset is Ralink RT3070 , so isnt it supposed to be rt2870?

Re: Doubts regarding UA40B7000

Posted: Mon Oct 28, 2013 7:52 am
by juusso
last time i played with T-CHU7AEAC tv bricked as result. I`m not going to risk to brick your TV. FFB doen`t support this firmware. If you want downgrade, you can do all manuall: decrypt T-CHU7AEAC 2004, use telnet enabler to get telnet on your TV and flash old firmware by hand.

No idea what is true release date of your current firmware. If you can run content library games w/o problems, then firmware is unrestricted. If you get UDN error while trying copy games to tv, then your current firmware is restricted.

Re: Doubts regarding UA40B7000

Posted: Mon Oct 28, 2013 8:01 am
by sacredslayer6
Thanks for the reply juuso! , i was able to copy Subtitle app and run it without any error so im guessing unrestricted, so is it ok to use the Samygo Firmware patcher on my current Firmware?. And about the usb adapter, Does Edimax EW 7711UAN Wireless nLITE 3dBi High Gain USB Adapter work with my tv?