3D on LE32b550 (with 3D Fury)

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3D on LE32b550 (with 3D Fury)

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Hi forum,

I have a Samsung LE32b550A5WXXU and I watch 3D on it with the 3D Fury, but it has a problem. The device needs the TV to run at a steady 60hz but this TV has a problem known as 'Frame locking issue' where the TV will drop frames over time so the active shutter glasses will loose sync every 10 seconds or so. My question is, is it possible this can be fixed with a custom firmware? I have heard some projectors have been fixed from this issue by a firmware upgrade. Also the 3D Fury can take 24hz 3D and triple it to 72hz but my TV doesn't support 1280x720 @ 72hz it does however support 1280x720 @ 75hz. I'm guessing its because it's a PAL TV and 72hz is NTSC, can this mode be added with a custom firmware too?

I will pay someone to make this firmware for me with either both or one of the requested features


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