[PS50B550 @PS50B650] DTS/ No Content Library in Menu :(

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[PS50B550 @PS50B650] DTS/ No Content Library in Menu :(

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i used to read many threads the last days in your forum. thank you all for your hard work.

i want to enable dts decoder for my ps50b550 @ps50b650.

first i checked my firmware number, it said T-CHL5DEUC-2008.0, so it should be unrestricted.
but i have no content library available only Media play and software upgrade.
So i updated to T-CHL5DEUC-2008v24-auto-arfix2-decod (which yould be prepatched) but still no content libray available.
Is there a way to inject this to a firmware?

Pls. help me to let it show upso i can play DTS MKV?s on internal Media Player.

Your help is very appreciated.


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