Autoloader for UE40B8000XW

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Autoloader for UE40B8000XW

Post by albatim » Wed Mar 19, 2014 9:15 pm

HI guys,
first of all let me congratulate with all of you for your huge work. Well done.

I' ve read almost the entire forum section. I didn't understand some procedures regarding autostart. I' m quiet expert in win and vb programming, but I' m not much familiar with linux/unix. (no problem to study ;) )

I've be able to successfully do following steps on my UE40B8000XW T-CHU7DEUC:

1) downgraded firmware to 3000.g with ffb hack (previous one was 3002.)
2) uploaded some apps to game content and played it fine
3) ftp connect
4) telnet with putty
5) patched firmware with Firmware Patcher Using "Advanced Mode". Not already flashed to TV

Now I' d like to autostart some of them (typically channelinfo and PVR+). Before and to prevent any brick, I need a confirm to the folling procedure I'll do ONLY WHEN I'LL FEEL VERY SURE.. In the exact order:

6) flash patched firmware in tv and reboot
7) create and edit with notepad files and with the following code:

Code: Select all


# Enable Telnetd
mount -t devpts devpts /dev/pts
sleep 20

# Open back-door for fixing boot-loop situations
sleep 20       # Allow USB stick to settle
USB="/dtv/usb/sda1"    # USB mount-point

if [ -f $USB/ ];then
        echo "USB-File detected"
        $USB/    # USB-File detected.

  if [ -f /mtd_rwarea/ ];then
	/mtd_rwarea/ # Run normal startup script
  if [ -f /mtd_rwarea/ ];then
     /mtd_rwarea/ # Run mount script
  if [ -f /mtd_rwarea/ ];then
   echo "Running SamyGO App"
   /mtd_rwarea/ # Run samygo app



Code: Select all


### begin configure me
# gdb_binary: where your gdb binary resides

# gdb_commands: this is a temporary file where gdb commands are stored

# gdb_delay: gdb will be scheduled to run after $gdb_delay seconds
#            this is for letting exeDSP to settle down at TV startup

# libraries: absolute path of libraries to be loaded
#            there can be several, separated spaces!!
#            this script requires paths WITHOUT spaces
libraries="/mtd_tlib/GGame/PVRplus/ /mtd_tlib/GGame/SamyGO_ChannelInfo/" 

### end configure me

exeDSP_PID=$(pidof exeDSP)
temp='attach '$exeDSP_PID'\n'

for l in $libraries
      if [ -e "$l" ] ;then
                temp=$temp'call dlopen("'$l'", 2)\n'
                let i++
                temp=$temp'call dlsym($'$i', "Game_Main")\n'
                let i++
                temp=$temp'call $'$i'("'${l%/*}/'", 0)\n'
                let i++
                temp=$temp'call dlclose($'$((i-2))')\n'
                let i++

echo -e 'The following commands:\n---\n'$temp'---\nwill be executed by '$gdb_binary' in '$gdb_delay' secs!!\n'

echo -e $temp >$gdb_commands
{ sleep $gdb_delay; $gdb_binary -batch -x $gdb_commands; rm $gdb_commands; } &
Note: Please confirm the possibility to notepad editing and ftp copying pre-saved file, otherwise I'll do everything with vi

8) ftp copy: -> /mtd_rwarea/ -> /mtd_rwarea/
gdb -> /mtd_rwarea/gdb/gdb (gdb taken from

pvr+ and channellinfo in /mtd_tlib/GGame

9) change permission with:

Code: Select all

$ chmod 755 /mtd_rwarea/

Code: Select all

$ chmod 755 /mtd_rwarea/
10) Reboot TV and cross fingers :)

Is everything right?

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Re: Autoloader for UE40B8000XW

Post by juusso » Wed Mar 19, 2014 9:24 pm

do not use notepad for editing scripts! never!
n++ or ultrapad are ok, set ansi...
or vi, if you liked it :-)
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Re: Autoloader for UE40B8000XW

Post by albatim » Wed Mar 19, 2014 9:33 pm

Is there a particular reason or is it only a choice? (I want to learn something!)

Anyway, except notepad, is the procedure all right?

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Re: Autoloader for UE40B8000XW

Post by InuYasha » Fri May 30, 2014 5:22 pm

This is probably due to CRLF \r\n difference between unix and wandows text files.

PS: so the 3000.2 firmware is bad and unpatchable???

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