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mielcar wrote:Gyus I don't know what;s going on. My internet@tv is not working propperly.
Yahoo widgets are running OK. When I try to get polish widgets back, I get the information, that there are some internet connection problems, and the only thing working is settings. When I try to get it back on the screen there is START, then CONNECTING and then comes the info about connection problems...
When I enter settings I can't do anything. Can't set user account. It gets me sick. I tried many times. Any ideas?
This is what happened to my UK TV some time ago, after it downloaded a new widget engine. Packet sniffing showed that the GB widget list was missing from the server in Korea (http 404 error). If you are able to intercept Ethernet packets, you may confirm the Polish list is missing. Not much you can do except try reporting to local Customer Service and hope they pass on the message, or just wait for the next update.

Eventually, the TV downloaded another Yahoo engine and the widget list returned. It still has YouTube widget, but as others pointed out, it's now as useless as the Twitter one. I guess it will disappear in time.

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Re: Internet@TV widget engine change

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It is strange. YouTube widget appeared again on D-series but... does not work. Starts with YouTube logo (sometimes with loading progress bar) and ...hangs. Only EXIT key can be used to exit Smart Hub.
The same day old B-series 5 widgets came back on Czech country setting, although News service shows empty contents. I don't know what they are going to achieve.

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