UE55ES7000 FW 2011, SamyGO_1_1_E, OK!!

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UE55ES7000 FW 2011, SamyGO_1_1_E, OK!!

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Hi All,

I want to share with you guys the challenges i faced the last couple of days.

1. My UE55ES7000 FW 2009 was working with OSCAM since 2016 without any main issues. Starting from 2021 Feb it stopped working... dont know why. Anyway, Once I started troubleshooting I could not get the SamyGO widgets showing up in the SmartHub, no matter how many different ways I tried ( and searched a lot and saw many different approaches ). Plus the SmartHub was given many errors 012, ERROR_MODEL_BIND, etc. SmartHUb was not capable to reach internet. Also I could not login to develop account either.

Eventually I was about to give up , and decided to update the TV to the latest firmware. And I did, on 21 Feb 2021 , I updated the TV FW to 2023, over the air. However I was not completely happy so i decided to give another try and LUCKLY THIS TIME I WAS SUCCESSFULL !!

Moral of my story --> I guess the smarthub got faulty somehow and with the official SW update it got fixed. Below is the detailed steps I followed:

My Problems:
1- OSCAM was not working;
2- Could not get the SamyGO_E installation wigdet visible in SmartHub.
3- SmartHub could not login in develop account.
4- SmartHub not internet access.

My Solution:

1. Update FW over OTN to the latest FW 2023
2. Let TV do all Update to SmarHub and accept the Samsung license terms.
2.1 Login with develop account in SmartHub.
3. Format a USB as FAT.
4. Load firmware 0000 to USB location: /T-ECPDEUC/image.
4.1 in TV menu update firmware from USB. in the end TV Restarts.
5. Load firmware 2011 to USB location: /T-ECPDEUC/image.
5.1 in TV menu update firmware from USB. in the end TV Restarts.
5.2 Go to TV Service Menu (INFO , MENU , MUTE and POWER sequence with remote) and disable OTN SWU (look in others threads for details).
6. Load InstallSamygo_E widget in USB FAT formated (look in others threads for details).
6.1 After TV restart, Open Smarthub and SamyGo widget are present. Press SamyGO_E_Installation. Restart TV.
7. login to TV as root/SamyGO using ssh (look in others threads for details)
8. cd /mtd_rwcommon/oscam/
9. ./samyGOstart.sh
10. edit the file : vi /mtd_rwcommon/widgets/user/SamyGO/data/run.sh
11. add lines:

# next two lines added to start oscam at TV reboot
sh -x /mtd_rwcommon/oscam/samyGOstart.sh >> /mtd_rwcommon/oscam/samyGO_start.log 2>&1
sleep 5

12. Oscam up and running as new with auto start!!

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Re: UE55ES7000 FW 2011, SamyGO_1_1_E, OK!!

Post by bobiturboto »

Thanks for sharing this information.
The only thing which can be important when official fw upgrade is need the safest way is to do it manually from USB drive

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