No sound with HDMI

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No sound with HDMI

Post by pedro1x » Tue Jul 25, 2017 11:06 pm

I have an unusual thing happening with my UN65ES8000
I've had it working fine for years, but I suspect a recent firmware from samsung caused an issue with my cable tv box. When it's plugged to hdmi, I have no sound. So my first instinct was to blame it on the cable box, so I tried the cable box with an LG TV and it worked just fine. So I thought the TV is the issue, I used a dvd player, netflix from smarthub and Roku, all worked just fine with the TV. Except Chromecast that didn't have sound, however in chromecast setting I had to disable hdmi 50HZ, and the sound on the TV started working.
I am trying to get another firmware to the TV thinking that might fix the issue or roll back to an earlier version. Any help is appreciated here, I've tried everything I could so far.

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