[FW 0000] T-MST10PDEUC

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Re: [FW 0000] T-MST10PDEUC

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It's ok with 4 flash :)

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Re: [FW 0000] T-MST10PDEUC

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Hi Guys,
I updated my fw at TV ue40es5500 from fw T-MST10PDEUC_1027 to T-MST10PDEUC_2007. After update the Wi-Fi password isn't remembered. Every time I start tv I must enter Wi-Fi password. I need fw T-MST10PDEUC_1027 to restore. Pls help I don't have access to viewtopic.php?f=70&t=9497#p77431 (You are not authorised to read this forum.) Thanks.

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Re: [FW 0000] T-MST10PDEUC

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my situation: TV UE46EH5300PXZT, firm T-MST10PDEUC_2007.0, one pc linux based running a DLNA Server... All was working fine till.... Now. RAI, the italian broadcasting tv, broadcast an "app" for on-demand programs wiew. They change something and now I have a "Check network" error label when I try to use it. Samsung support say "change tv"... Yes, of course buying other brand! Surfing the net I have found you and I spend many hours on wiki, guide, forum, etc. so I try the 0000 firm. RAI apps work fine but I lost the Matrioska capability. Mounting the new 2008 original firm and RAI doesn't work and also Matrioska doesn't work. Back on 0000 firm immediatly. Now due my Q.I. just a little bit over a stone, I really don't understand what Samygo can do for me... Symply I will be very happy without the label "not for sale". Can you suggest somethig to read? Or a solution?
thanks a lot

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Re: [FW 0000] T-MST10PDEUC

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can you provide for T-MST10PDAAC model?

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Re: [FW 0000] T-MST10PDEUC

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hi. downgraded 2007 to 0.000 and smarthub isn't working anymore. reset in cm doesn't help. what's wrong?
**restored 2007 firmware, smarthub works now

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Re: [FW 0000] T-MST10PDEUC

Post by Miclha »

Hi. Can i install this 0000 firmware on my Plasma PS60e6500?
I instaled newest firmware 2009 and after it factory reset and now when i want start smart hub it says its geo-blocked to EU but i set Czech Republic and I am in the EU... So i want try 0000 and then 1029?

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