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Remote Control Receiver porting for B series

Posted: Sun May 01, 2016 9:16 pm
by BigNerd95
I finally made a stable version of my porting.

You can find source code and precompiled binaries here:

Now it only supports auto detect.

Re: Remote Control Receiver porting for B series

Posted: Tue May 10, 2016 2:50 pm
by firmisukko
This looks very interesting. Looking at the installation process, will there be "easier" installation method available some day? (without separate bysybox, command prompt installation etc)

Re: Remote Control Receiver porting for B series

Posted: Wed May 11, 2016 8:46 pm
by firmisukko
ok, I've got the process on some unknown stage now, please could you kindly advice what to do next - how it should work to get the myTifi iPhone App to work? Use fixed IP or not? And what could be the equivalent remote model for the B-series? (there is no B-series remotes on the list anymore)

Cheers :geek:

--- command line output ---
# /mtd_rwarea/busybox-armv7l httpd -h /mtd_rwarea/Samote/upnp/
# /mtd_rwarea/injectso $(pidof exeDSP) /mtd_rwarea/Samote/ Game_Main /mtd_rwarea/Samote/

Module injector V1.2 for ARM based CPUs.
(copyleft) SmartSmurf 2010 (

Warn: could not open imports cache file '/mtd_rwarea/etc/injectso.imports'.

Info: imports not loaded from cache file.

Info: value of linker map is 0x12078
Info: Import 'dlopen' found at 0x0052b3f8
Info: Import 'dlsym' found at 0x0052b8b4
Info: Import 'dlclose' found at 0x0052b5b4
Info: current register set:
R0 =0xFFFFFFFC R1 =0x00000000 R2 =0x00000001 R3 =0x00000000
R4 =0x00000001 R5 =0x02CBC080 R6 =0x0236D9C8 R7 =0x000000F0
R8 =0x00000000 R9 =0x00000000 R10=0x6C33FD18 R11=0x6D33FD1C
R12=0x00000001 SP =0x6C33FD08 LR =0x405F5A44 PC =0x405F3008

Info: new SP for inject code 0x6C33F908

Re: Remote Control Receiver porting for B series

Posted: Wed May 25, 2016 11:32 pm
by BigNerd95
Sorry for late response, I'm very busy with university exams

Anyway for now Samote only supports dynamic ip (so NOT fixed ip)
The only thing you have to do after you have launched all the commands I provided, is to launch the last version of mytifi and it will automatically discover your tv

I asked to the developer why he removed all the remotes of B series and he told me that he is improving the app for newer big iphone screen and he has dropped all the things that are no more supported
..but this was before releasing Samote

I hope that when I'll ultimate the porting he will reintroduce the B series remotes and will add again B series as supported models

If you have any problem to discovery your tv with remote apps, please let me know in comments
You can also try others apps like Remotie