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Re: Rollback on old FW...

Posted: Mon Nov 29, 2010 8:53 pm
by juusso
These files are needed for you to have service cable, so called ExLink working in case if you brake TV. You can find these files here (just B7000/8000).

Re: Rollback on old FW...

Posted: Tue Nov 30, 2010 8:13 pm
by juusso
Flashing firmware is always risky to brick device. You can't be 100 percent sure, that everything goes fine even if you follow official Samsung firmware upgrade instructions. In our case the risk to brick device is minimized because to exclude human factor all job is done by script. Your responsibility is to decide what method you use and what firmware you put on usb upgrade disk.
So, i think using Force Firmware Back is almost the safest way to get earlier firmware on by FFBv0.3 supported TV models if you do not have alternative firmware to switch to, for example, if TV has been bought with only one, the latest firmware on it.

Re: Rollback on old FW...

Posted: Thu Dec 02, 2010 12:20 pm
by juusso
woodol wrote:I read all the forum, site and wiki but I dont understand all cause it's in english.
What I have :
- Samsung LED UE55B7000
- Firwmare : T-CHU7DEUC 3001.1 (my TV says the date is 25/01/2010). I understand that all the news firmware since this one by Samsung are SHIT cause they dont offer new fonctionnalities but just forbid you to downgrade to another older...

What I want :
- DTS when I read MKV with USB

I understand that :
- I need a SamyGo firmware. Is there another solution ? Is it possible to just add a DTS library to the TV ?
- My firmware is not compatible with SamyGo
- I must downgrade my firmware

But, I dont understand if :
- how to downgrade ? is it possible ? How ? (via Telnet ? Not possible via USB without telnet ?)
-c what I must do with, if I need Telnet or not,...
- What will your package do ? A downgrade with an old firmware which is saved on the TV or with an other ?
- What are the risks ? If I made a mistake, is it possible to "hard reset" the TV so the TV could "find" an usine firmware ?
- Will the warrranty be canceled ?

I can expane what you didn`t understand:
1. How to downgrade? can do it without telnet with help of FFBv0.2, your TV is supported.
2. what I must do with?...You do not need telnet, just read carefully instructions HowTo step by step. If you do not understand, please ask what step you do not understand.
3. What will your package do?... My package installs firmware from USB avoiding Samsung firmware restrictions on latest firmware.
4. What are the risks ?.... Here is the answer.
5. Will the warrranty be canceled ?... As far as i know, here are a ot of people with bricked TV changed on Service without problems.