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Re: [App] ForceFirmwareBack (FFB)

Posted: Thu Mar 03, 2011 10:14 pm
by juusso
It does mean - use your TV software upgrade menu to install any firmware to TV, because it accepts from now pre-FEB firmwares.
You can skip this step if you do not plan activate alternative firmware from menu (you get post-FEB) this case :)

As alternative to step13 - alternateDel option in service menu.

Re: [App] ForceFirmwareBack (FFB)

Posted: Sat Mar 05, 2011 7:44 pm
by juusso
FFB 0.5 version is out.

Download link in the first post. Enjoy!

Code: Select all

- Text mesages on TV screen. Big thanks Rvs2 for help with SDL!
- Renamed to
- Renamed to
- Small code changes.
- Removed exeDSP killing

- Code improvement. Safety routine at the beginning.

- Code improvement to avoid bricked TV

- Added US models LNxxB7xxx/8xxx support (firmware T-CHE7AUSC)
- Added US model  PNxxB8xx support (firmware T-CHE7AUSC)

- Added US models LNxxB65x support. (firmware T-CHEAUSC)
- Added US models LNxxB75x support. (firmware T-CHEAUSC)

- Plasma B650 support added. (firmware T-CHL7DEUC)
- Added safety routines to avoid bricking TV. FFB stops and TV reboots on error.
- Firmware files are being copied to (cleaned before)/mtd_swu/. Flashing from internal memory, not from USB.
- Whole procedure logging.
- Some important system info collection to log file (df -h, mount, cat PartitionSwitch* ...)
- kiling exeDSP to avoid start FFB twice - most of bricked TVs are because of start FFB once more.

- Added T-CHU7DEUC support.(firmware T-CHU7DEUC)
- nice icon from moras86.
- Added direct flashing from unencrypted images - no more problem with XOR.
- Logging to USB (poor).

- First version, supports only T-CHL7DEUC.

Re: [App] ForceFirmwareBack (FFB)

Posted: Sun Mar 13, 2011 10:38 am
by juusso
tea4two wrote:Hello @all,
1 - FFB is already copied to TV, I can select and run "SamygoHorse" in the Children contents (my TV haven't Game contents).
You have to run game called FFB, not samygo horse.
2 - In the same USB Key I've extracted pre-FEB firmware T-CHL7DEUC (version_info.txt: SWU_T-CHL7DEUC_002005_I02_ES000DS000_090930)
3 - Added in the T-CHL7DEUC/image, the files:
It's correct to LEFT [T-CHL7DEUC] in the file name ? Istruction tells: "do not rename!"
Yes, do not rename!
At this time I put the USB again on the TV, than run SamygoHorse ([CONTENT]->[CHILDREN]->[SamygoHorse]
Wrong! You have to run FFB. You should see FFB next to the SamygoHorse. That`s the reason you do not get it working - no log files, no messages on the screen.
P.S. in the USB key there are two folders: FFB and T-CHL7DEUC, could be this the issue ?
I haven't delete FFB folder after copy it to TV.
Wrong! I guess you haven`t got FFB copied to TV because you copied just subfolder.
First - extract archive FFB(v0.5).zip as is (folder /samygo-ffb)
Second - copy game to TV (yes, here you see only SamygoHorse - select - copy all)
Third - Add T-CHL7DEUC dir to USB and follow instructions.

I updated first post with images. Now i think everything is clear, right?

Re: [App] ForceFirmwareBack (FFB)

Posted: Mon Mar 14, 2011 9:10 am
by juusso

i`m sure, you are making everything well, but we have an experience - some USA models are more restricted as other. I do not know solution yet, but copy function does not work. Another our user has the same problem...
Read here and here.

All methods we know were tested and no success.

I have an Idea. Make please channel settings export to USB and give all files you get here (upload as archive to any web storage like rapidshare). And i need log from your ExLink.