Content Library startup replacement

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Re: Content Library startup replacement

Post by manga00 » Sun Jun 20, 2010 5:38 pm

bruintje71 wrote:
xer21 wrote:bruintje71, I think what your looking for is setting the value in settings.xml to "game|/mtd_tlib/GGame/SamyGO/" I think that should work, please update the thread with your results.

I tried several commands in settings.xml (see below), but they don't seem to work for me:

<run_on_start>fscommand('Launch', 'game|/mtd_tlib/GGame/SamyGO/')</run_on_start>^M



I think I am doing something wrong. What exactly should I put here?
can you pls check that your settings.xml is in unix format, it look like your file is in Dos saved.

Open the service.xml with vi and check the red digit.

When you have it clear it, and save the file.

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