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Re: PVR+ 3.x

Post by volksvertreter »

Maxe wrote:Hello volksvertreter,
volksvertreter wrote:...
- BUT: The TV's MediaPlayer cannot play the "*.ts" FileFormat? Is that right?
I have the same problem! But still no reason.
The only channel which I can record and play is 3sat.

Can anybody help?

Thanks Maxe
Hey Maxe,

i got it: load the DCA MODULE and start it from the children menu, then you should be able to play the *.ts files


BTW: is it possible to change the path where it stores the recording... i mounted a nfs share to a folder called "nfs" stored on the root-filesystem of my USB-Harddrive
Is there an ini/config file ?
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My TV:
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- Version: 2009/11/12_002006
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- telnet is enabled by boot

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Re: PVR+ 3.x

Post by juusso »

Maxe wrote: but how can I delete any record on the usb-memory?
Disconnect your USB, attach to PC and delete...
Or connect over FTP and delete needed files from there.
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Re: PVR+ 3.x

Post by cracket »

Did anyone experienced exeDSP crashing when PVR+ loaded with myButtons?

I'm trying to run them both simultaniously - not PVR+ executed from myButtons, but both started from content library (no matter if from USB or internal TV). In all cases ends the same way:
##### [CTaskManager::ActivateApplication]
{callthread = 1638302864, from = 2, app = 3 , cApp = 2, bActivateTVViewer = 1, pActiveData =#
m_bOSDDisplay:1, m_bDynamicControlStatus:0, m_bSignalActivity:1, iSourceMode:101, ResInfo.IsPC:0
*** glibc detected *** ./exeDSP: munmap_chunk(): invalid pointer: 0x48491000 ***
* USB detected *
Aborted (core dumped)
SW image is stopped..
script in BOOT is stopped...
Starting pid 590, console /dev/ttyS1: '/bin/sh'

It does not matter if I run from injectso, or manually from content library. PVR+ solo works fine without any trouble. I'm using ext3 fix (/usb_mount replaced) and mounting external usb ext3 drive during startup.
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Re: PVR+ 3.x

Post by baco81 »

nostromo1983 wrote:Is there anybody that has sucessfully used injectso to load this application into B series (B650?) I start to wonder if it can be done, and also i'm not sure about my injection command line (though i use the same for other module and that are working well (chaninfo/samygodca)).
Has you tried to load PVR+ by injectso without samygodca?

I have had a lot of problems running both at the same time. I used to load PVR+ by using injectso and, then, samygodca (only when needed) manually via Content Library. After starting samygodca, I noticed that PVR+ stopped working.

Now I have been able to run both by injectso but it only works if samygodca is loaded first :?

In fact, I use injectso with 4 apps and samygodca is the first and PVR+ the last one in my script.

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Re: PVR+ 3.x

Post by baco81 »

You should inject loader.so instead of pvrplus.so

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