Mount, Telnet and others autostart

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Re: Mount, Telnet and others autostart

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I've modified your rcS.local file in order to enable third party wifi dongle, ie to take into account the modified rt2870sta.ko and rt73.ko files.

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# Enable Telnetd
mount -t devpts devpts /dev/pts
sleep 20

# Unloading the original rt2870sta module (in case of it would be already loaded)
rmmod rt2870sta
sleep 10

# Loading the modified module
insmod /mtd_rwarea/rt2870sta.ko

# Open back-door for fixing boot-loop situations a remettre si besoin
sleep 20       # Allow USB stick to settle
USB="/dtv/usb/sda1"    # USB mount-point

if [ -f $USB/ ];then
   $USB/    # USB-File detected.
   if [ -f /mtd_rwarea/ ];then
            /mtd_rwarea/ # Run normal startup script
   if [ -f /mtd_rwarea/ ];then
      /mtd_rwarea/ # Run mount script

Here only the rt2870sta module is taken into account because my dongle need it and not the other one.
Of course, it necessary to copy the file rt2870sta.ko or the file rt73.ko (found in the wifi extension addon package) in /mtd_rwarea.
Unfortunately, the 2 files are too big to be copied together in the directory. I don't know why rt2870sta.ko is so big...

Now, when the TV is swithed on, the wifi dongle is recongnized after about 50 seconds.

My probleme now is the popup window that ask us to connect to the wireless network everytime the TV is switched on. If anybody knows a way to bypass this, I would be gratefull !

Perhaps it could be possible to integrate these changes in a patched firmware instead of filling the writable partition.

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