UE55ES8000+SEK-2000 is possible to root it?

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UE55ES8000+SEK-2000 is possible to root it?

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Hello everyone,
I read something about making the root, and I wanted to know if my TV is possible to make the root and insert the oscam.
My TV is UE55ES8000 with SEK-2000.
Thanks to those who answered me, and all the community.

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Re: UE55ES8000+SEK-2000 is possible to root it?

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First of all I want to congratulate everybody who contributed at this project! Great work!

I have the same fw on my UE40ES7000 and SEK-2000. Wondering if tv root access can be done for this setup (ES7000 series +SEK-2000). Oscam is my interest as well. Tried already the trick instead of skype app but with no success even the samy seems to be installed without errors.

If I need to donate smth, np. :) Only confirm. I don't like bitcoin, never use it, but for everything should be a first time.:lol:


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