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UE40ES6535U firmware downgrade.

Posted: Sun Oct 23, 2016 12:50 pm
by burton
I'm a new member of this forum.
I had a small problem with my UE40ES6535U tv, and called samsung support who told me to upgrade the firmware from
2005.0 to 2007.0.
I downloaded the firmware and put it on a usb stick, but when I tried to upgrade I got the message, no update found,
and I had to use the "alternative software" update menu. After 30 sec the tv reboot, and every thing was fine, exept
I lost some of the picture quality. The update was done too quickly maybe?
Is there a safe way to downgrade firmware to 2005.0. The most advance thing I have done so far, is to make a factory reset
in service menu. I have a saved copy of T-MST10PDEUC_2005.0 firmware in my laptop.
BTW. I managed to solve my small problem which the firmware update didn't fix, so it was a unnecessary update!
Thanx for any advice.

Re: UE40ES6535U firmware downgrade.

Posted: Sat Jan 21, 2017 10:30 pm
by juusso
Check for FW 0000 and install it first. Then try any other firmware to upgrade.