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ES7000s - no upgrade possible + sek1000 freezing pretty often

Posted: Wed Nov 23, 2016 3:17 pm
by ucekpolish
Hello everyone,

I had no problems with my ES7000s till I decide to buy SEK1000 for my TV.

Generally, I have now few issues:

I had firmware 002012 and now, there is 002022 but my TV does not see update available.
I called samsung support and they did alternative update to version 0000, either now, the upgrade is not available.
I have no option to go via upgrade via USB. I have just two options, one is online, the second one is by channel.

After installing SEK1000, I have no network option in the menu at all. No wifi or ethernet.

Every service center when I'm calling, they are saying motherboard issue but I do not belive. I'm IT person and if TV is working just fine and there is just no upgrade possible, that means it is rather settings issues, not hardware issues.

Would you be able to put me on good route to find the issue and fix it?

On the previous version 002012, sek1000 was working bit better. At the moment, on version 002006, it is freezing shortly after start.

Thanks in advance for any help

Re: ES7000s - no upgrade possible + sek1000 freezing pretty often

Posted: Thu Nov 24, 2016 3:50 pm
by ucekpolish
I just reliazed that I should not write support questions in firmware section. I'm sorry about that, If I may ask moderator to move my thread, that would be great.

Also, I found a reason for my issues and I resolved all of them. Funny is that, service center wanted to replace motherboard because it is faulty.

The issue was in the service menu, the version hardware was set to 2013. After changing to 2012 (orgin) everything start to work without issues and no freezes so far.

Thank you