UE46ES6300 Continous Smart HUB Update

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UE46ES6300 Continous Smart HUB Update

Post by Thefurious86 »

Since the last update Samrt Hub is Updating at every TV Start und makes the Smart TV not Acessible for 10-15'. Sometime my TV Freezez. I Have installed the last FW (2008) without Improuvement. Any Suggestions?

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Re: UE46ES6300 Continous Smart HUB Update

Post by RuckZuck »

I've the same issues with my UE50ES6710 with FW T-MST 2007 with Skypre-replacement-root.
Any idea how to stop that SmartHub update? Other FW?

"normal" Updates are blocked via Menue, Service-Menue and URL-Blocking (Router).

Sometimes the root is lost after SmartHub update, but can be restored via "restoreSMG" in SmartHub.
Last time (yesterday) also the "restoreSMG" Widget was lost after SmartHub update...

Have downgraded to 0000 then updated to 2000. now every startup the SmartHub updates..............

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