samsung es6300

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samsung es6300

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So A little background.

I work in IT Support in head office for a company, we will just call it company X. And the receptionist in company X has a TV that plays one video file. its an mp4 file. We usually plug the USB stick into the TV - Samsung es6300, play the file, it plays however anywhere from 3 - 5 minutes the TV restarts. This is in the reception of company X so ideally needs to be on a loop for around 13 hours.

I have tried a lot to get this to work.

- Changed USB Ports

- Changed USB Sticks

- Changed video formats

- Eco settings are turned off

- sleep timer is turned off

- upgraded the firmware from 0020006 to 0020007

After the firmware upgrade I was starting to have issues especially with the wifi-card. So I went to Firmware downgrade it manually with a USB Stick. However this just causes a crash and the TV to restart.

Now I can't firmware downgrade it to the factory version. I can't access any network settings (TV Freezes, and restarts). When I go to update firmware via USB it can't find firmware/the option is grayed out or TV Freezes and Restarts.

I pretty much spent the last 2 hours troubleshooting this TV as best as I could and at this point just considering putting in a order for a new one.

Any Help is appreciated.

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